Im Flugzeug / On the plane


Naomi is reading “On the plane” (German radio broacast)
“We are on our way to the future. For a new TV series this should be installed in a Cologne film studio, and although there is consensus that the future will be visual and olfactorily modeled on the present to around 96 percent in the most beautiful Retrofeel, I was sent there for documentation .
I am a bit excited, the synthesis of most plants has already been perfectly successful and the contaminated landscapes are almost completely restored. I also heard of penthouses wandering with the sun and of mental recorders recording dreams with an eighty-percent playback guarantee. At New Zealand’s Golden Bay, the Te Waikiripupu Springs, which were regarded as the purest springs of the earth until the end of the Great Water War, have been restored and made publicly accessible to most natural or naturalidentic phenomena as a glass museum by ALPHABET-INDUSTRIES…”